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How does scar camouflage treatment work?

For every procedure, we take the time to make you as comfortable as possible. Numbing cream is applied and a custom color is mixed to match your skin tone.

We can also camouflage scars in areas where hair grows, such as the eyebrows, by mimicking the natural fall of hair. This also works for scars on the scalp after an accident or hair transplant procedure.


Am I a candidate for scar camouflage treatment?

We understand that every individual is different. Scars can only be camouflaged if it is lighter than the skin around it. Our scar camouflage treatment is safe and non-invasive, with little to no downtime.


Clients should be aware that treatments are most effective in areas not exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. The skin surrounding the treated area will change color from UV exposure, but the tattooed skin will not change with it. 

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