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​​​Attention Please: We strongly advise prospective new clients to book their appointments at least 3-4 months in advance of Vacations, Weddings, and Special Occasions. This allows adequate time for healing of both your Initial appointment as well as a Complimentary Enhancement Session 6-8 weeks after your initial visit. Dream brows cannot be achieved in just one session, this is a multiple-step process! Some clients may require more than two sessions to achieve their desire density and shape. Additional appointments will be at a extra charge.




Best for clients that have existing brow hair and would like a fuller look. Creating small hairline strokes to mimic what you would naturally grow in your brow area. (Not recommended for oily skin or clients that are heavy sweaters. We would recommend Combo or Powder)




The style brow is a combination of The Classic Hair stroke brow with shading as you would see in the Powder Brow. There are a million ways this can be done. You can do hair strokes throughout the brow alongside shading in between the strokes or you can do half shading, half hair strokes. The possibilities are endless for the combination brow.  This also is suitable for any skin type and can have a fluffier full look to create something natural but making the brow appear full. This is always recommended for a client that has some hair in places and ZERO hair in areas they fill in. 




This is really the most Glam option we provide. When creating powder brows, it is performed with a machine and provides complete coverage in the brow area. You can choose a very soft shade or go for GLAM with a bold look. This is suitable for any skin type. 

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