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One week prior to your appointment gently start exfoliating your lips every day with a washcloth, loofah, or scrub. Apply lip balm afterward. By removing dead skin cells your lips will be more prepared to accept the pigment.




Two times a day gently wash your lips and pat dry, apply ointment you were given to keep lips moisturized. Do NOT eat salty, spicy or very hot foods for the first 3 days. Your lips have open places and they will be sensitive.

During the first few days, you may experience swelling, bruising, dryness, tingling and tenderness. This is a fresh tattoo on a delicate area of skin that needs time to close up and heal. During the following few days, dryness and tenderness may continue as well as some tightness. Your lips may feel like they need to crack when you move your mouth. This is normal and your skin healing.

​If your lips are kept moisturized then only a thin film (not a scab) will appear. The film will start peeling off by itself around day 3 and may not exfoliate evenly. During this time, your lips may feel tight, cracked, chapped, and itchy as the flakes are coming away. Leave the film alone; picking will cause irritation, can lead to scars and will lift color from the treated area resulting in unevenness and blank spots. Let the area heal naturally for best results and keep your lips moisturized at all times to help soothe and heal them. The color implanted will fade by 50-60% during the first healing process.
Whilst the film is peeling, it may seem as though the treatment hasn't worked well. The color may look weak or it may seem as though the ink has disappeared. Why? Lip tattoos are not as deep as a 'normal' tattoo - your new healing skin is covering the ink and when your skin and the ink start to settle (between weeks 2-4), you'll notice that your lip tattoo 'starts coming back'. It didn't disappear in the first place; it was just harder to see through a thicker layer of healing skin. If the color is still weak/patchy at weeks 5-6, don't worry! This is a delicate tattoo to heal and is why we do 2 sessions.



 We always err on the side of caution with color, fullness, and shape of cupids bow as we can always add more to the 2nd session. Your lips will look great after the first session but will look even better after the 2nd appointment. Once our mineral-based pigment is applied in thin layers, using a shading technique – you will be able to check the work after each layer to ensure you are delighted.



Because the procedure is done in two appointments, the lips are always slightly underdone in the first session leaving room to make them thicker, or brighter in your 2nd appointment. During your 2nd appointment, the shape and color are fine-tuned.

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