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FAQs, Pre-Care, & Post-Care

Beauty Marks 

The procedure takes about 45 minutes, numbing cream is used so there is no pain. We have many colors available to match your skin tone or hair color, we can even mix a custom color if needed. If you already have a beauty mark near your eyes, lips, or cheek, and you want to accentuate that area, darkening the mark can bring attention to it.


Does it hurt?

NO, a numbing cream is used.

The healing process, the freckles definitely start out a lot darker. They'll also look slightly raised and will develop tiny little scabs like you would with any other tattoo. Little freckle flakes will come off within five to ten days. Clients who have oilier skin will find that their tattoos heal a little bit quicker. From leaving the studio to five weeks healed, your freckles will most likely lighten by about 20 percent.

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